Swedish Massage

$60/60 min or $95/90 min

With a primary focus on relaxation, this session consists of flowing and gliding massage strokes using light to moderate pressure.  Promotes good circulation.

Therapeutic Massage

$60/60 min or $95/90 min

A combination of therapeutic techniques, including deep tissue, trigger point and myofascial release, provides focused and goal-oriented attention.  Ideal for clients with chronic pain issues.

Pre-Natal Massage

$60/60 min

Special bolstering and side-lying positions at any stage of pregnancy make this a relaxing treatment.  Recommended throughout pregnancy to accommodate all the changes in the body and help get mothers relaxed and ready for childbirth.

Swe-Thai Massage

$65/60 min or $85/75 min

A blend of flowing Swedish and Deep Tissue massage for upper body, and acupressure and stretching techniques for the lower body.

Hot Stone Massage

$70/60 min or $100/90 min

Smooth heated stones will be used during the massage to warm and soften the tissues. Can be done primarily for relaxation or to work deeper into muscles.

Happy Healthy You! Health Consult

$50/40 min

Looking to feel better, sleep better, eat better?  Schedule a health consult to diagnose your constitutional body type and learn what your body needs to stay in balance.  Work with Sarah to develop new habits related to exercise, stress management, and nutrition using the ancient principles of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Private Yoga Session

$50/45 min

Schedule a one-on-one session to work on mobility and flexibility.  The session will be adapted to your specific needs, with accommodations and modifications. 

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Combination Treatments

Warm Stone and Scrub

Warm Stone Back Massage, Full-Body Swedish Massage, Invigorating Foot Scrub - 60 or 75 minutes



Full Body Swedish or Therapeutic Massage with Aromatherapy, Kansa Wand Face Massage, and Leg and Foot Scrub - 75 minutes.



Sinus Massage, Full-Body Swedish Massage and Foot Reflexology - 80 minutes



Warm Oil Treatment for Scalp and Neck, Full-Body Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Foot Massage - 60 or 90 minutes


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Add-on Treatments


Add an Essential Oil or Blend.


Salt Scrub

Exfoliating and Hydrating. Choose Foot, Back, or extended Leg + Foot Scrub

$10/Foot or Back; $15/ Leg and Foot with Kansa Massage

Kansa Wand Face Massage

An Ayurvedic technique for moisturizing and toning the face. Uses All-Natural Argan Oil.


Cocoa Butter Hand or Foot Treatment

Warmed Cocoa Butter Massage

$10/ hands; $10/feet

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